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Unlock the value of Data  faster with Agile Analytics 

At Agile Datapro - Digital Lab, we offer Generative AI based Analytics and Data Science - ML solution that help our clients make decisions with actionable analytics. Our Our team of experienced PhD - Data Scientists and engineers help our clients make sense of their large data sets and provide them with the insights they require, to maximize their business potential and stay ahead of the curve.

Our Services 

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Professional Services

Our Data science experts are ready to advise you and also join your team without the hassle of hiring in-house. Our Data Science Staff Augmentation is an alternative to in-house hiring and consulting engagements. Agile Digital  fills the exact position for the exact amount of time needed. 


Data Analysis &  Management

Leverage Agile Digital's deep data management solutions  to improve outcomes using any data for analytics or applications across any cloud including on-premises, public and private. You may gain reliability, scalability and availability with security and quality with enterprise readiness for data management.

Decision Science, 
AI & Analytics 

Our Data Science specialists frame data analysis for business decision making, answering  critical and forward looking business questions posed by different stakeholders.

Our decision science specialists help in delivering compelling user experiences

Our Approach

Our primary approach is to solve the help customer make sense of the deluge of data they are collecting. We Prep, Clean and Integrate the data, in order for  customers to leverage the power of Data science and Analytics, with wide variety of solution and business outcomes, specific to Industry.


Data Analysis & Preprocessing

Data Wrangling is a term that is associated with data cleaning or data cleansing. This is the first and  the most important step in preparing data that can be reliably and efficiently used downstream by data engineers and data scientists to glean invaluable market, business and operational insights. Technology partners like Alteryx, Trifacta, Google Data-Prep among several others, help address the enormous market size which is slated to grow to over $6B by 2028 (Gartner Report). 


What we do ?

Data Engineering and Integration

Our data engineers design and build pipelines that transform and transport data into various downstream required format wherein, by the time it reaches the data consumers or other end users, it is in a highly usable state. These pipelines take data from many disparate sources, transforms and stores them into either curated stores e.g., data lakes or conformed stores e.g., a single warehouse that represents the data uniformly as a single source to be further worked on by the target downstream users.

Our Data solution experts engage with end-clients like Roche, Genentech, Public projects (through Big 5) and several others, enabling large scale data warehousing and integration. 


Decision Science &  Analytics

Our Decision Sciences vertical is an interdisciplinary practice that draws on professionals in statistical decision theory, machine learning, operations research, forecasting, behavioral decision theory, management sciences, etc. Our Decision Science specialists frame data analysis for business decision making, answering  specific business questions posed by different stakeholders. We help businesses seek answers through our strong data analytical models, visualization methods and business understanding.  


Some of the use cases 

  • Customer Sentiment Analytics (Retail )

  • Predictive Health Monitoring  (Healthcare )

  • Inventory Forecasting & Asset Management (Retail)

  • Data Science & Image Analysis (Health Sciences)

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